This Is Why Women Don’t Want To Have $ex With You

Reasons are very simple to very complex. Check it out.

#1 Real women admit why they don’t want to have sex with their significant others.

Their reasons range from very simple to very complex. Check it out.

#2 The fear is contagious.

When she’s afraid of being afraid — and anxiety just isn’t a turn on.

#3 If she forgot to shave, the sex could be less likely to happen.

The words she’s afraid to hear in bed, “Those are some hairy, sandpapery, spider legs, woman!”

#4 Bad breath is just a turn off no matter how hot you are.

Better brush your teeth before making out with her, guys. Just in case

#5 What’s going to happen first, orgasm or exhaustion?

If she’s asking herself that question at all, sex is probably not going to be an option that particular night.

#6 When she suddenly notices her body’s imperfections and chooses to be critical.

How can she even think about sex when her own body is distracting her?

#7 Ever wonder if she enjoys fighting?

If her arguments are getting really silly and nonsensical, it could be possible she’s using them as a distraction.