Internet searching for this kid who brutally tossed cat into air on Snapchat

Alright now, this is ridiculous, kids trying to earn some cheap fame by tossing away the poor animals. This is against the humanity and I can’t think further about this kid like how he’ll be like a person in the near future once he turns into an adult. Everyone who watched the video of this kid chucking away a cat on the snapchat thought about bad parenting.

The kid must have thought that it was fun and entertaining act to gain some quick views. He had his friend film the entire scene and even his friend didn’t stop him from doing the barbaric act. Animals require our love because they can’t speak and that is the reason we have animal welfare organisations everywhere working with common people. These animals can’t argue other than showing some sharp eyes to their offender.

Social media is currently backlashing the kid and they are desperate to find his identity. People on social media want to learn his reasons for carrying out such a vicious act.

People want to find this kid!

The tweet was made today and we all believe that this was the first source of the video-propagation. Looks like the guy found the video through friends of friends on the snapchat and for that reason he didn’t know the identity of the kid involved.

In the comments, a lot of people can be seen giving their opinion with some rude gestures. Almost everyone wants to straighten up this kid but I think that the harsh way couldn’t be deemed as a good way. Even if the kid is found the police must handle the matter with care.

People want him to be found

You can watch the video, we’ve embedded it below and it’s almost circulating on every social media outlet since people are desperate to find this kid. People are also reporting to the Police about this video.