Here Is How A Girl Poops Differently Than A Guy (Video)

Guys and girls d have a lot of obvious differences, one of the difference is the way both of the sexes poop. Yeah, you heard it right, guys poop differently than girls.

Girls tend to have a more elaborate routine than guys. You don’t even need to put your brains in thinking of the instances when girls do that. Recall the instances, when you find your sweetheart spending hours in front of the mirror or in the hot water foamy bath with all those candles and what not.

Guys are not far behind, after watching this video, you are gonna ponder over how a guy poops the next time you see a guy enter his den to drop his Deuce.

This is how girls drop a Deuce.

She comes in, turns on the room freshener and lights a candle. Yeah, a candle. Haha!

She is so worried about the ‘smell’ thing that…
..she uses the room freshener spray and viola, she coughs.

Now, when the ‘shit’ part is over, she coughs again.
You might be wondering, why? Well, that’s for you to find out by watching the video at the end. Let’s see, how a guys drop a Deuce.

He takes something to read on his seat…
..of course, to kill the time.

He checks out the deodorant.
“You shouldn’t put deodorant on broken skin dude!”

He measures his weight now.
Lol, guys can’t even ‘shit’ quietly.

Haha! now he is out of toilet paper.
What happened next? Check out the video

Watch the video to find out what happened next.