15 Awkward Yet Hilarious Father-Daughter Conversations Ever

Fathers are the founding pillars of the family and the hero to the kids. Especially when it is about daughters, fathers are daughters’ favorite creature.

However, at times, it gets downright awkward making you want to bang your head on the nearest wall or turn away just for the sake of it. Imagine when you send those awkward texts to your daughter that you were about to discuss with your wife about the very naughty last night. I know you feel awkward, and how about that damn autocorrect feature that rather than correcting ruins it all? Oh, that would be like salt in the wounds. Isn’t it?

Considering all these cases, I’ve got some amazing stuff on the internet that will make you LOL in the place you are. Below here is a compiled list of most awkward father-daughter texts that will make you cringe inside out.

PS: There are some moms failing at the texting thing as well.

1. What are you tryna say?

Now, what’s like checking the butcher’s pants? That was indeed one of the epic mistakes this man did while he was telling his daughter about how to bring the perfect turkey to eat.

2. Careful…

That was indeed the best joke for today. Isn’t it shocking?

3. Autocorrect!

4. I seek your attention…

5. Whatever, it’s all the same

6. Too complex?

7. It doesn’t need a caption.