Guy Secretly Snaps Girlfriend’s Photos While She’s Asleep. When She Gets To Know…

Ray speaks about his initial confusion, “I originally thought about popping the question in a hot air balloon.”

“I have been planning to propose for a while and I knew I wanted to do something romantic”

“In June we received some great news that Claire was expecting a baby, which put a stop to that plan”
It took him almost 150 days (!) to propose to her.

I decided to come up with my own idea to take a picture every day for five months”

“I told her I was taking the pictures to track the progress of the baby”

“Sometimes she wanted to see the pictures so I had to take more than one – one with the card and one without”

The lucky girl, Clarie says, “I had no clue, I was totally oblivious to it all”

“He told me he was taking the pictures to create memories for the baby so I just let him get on with it”

“He likes to do romantic things”

That was an epic proposal!

“I actually started teasing her saying 2016 is a leap year, and she should actually propose to me,” says Ray

And since Christmas was near, Ray decided it was the time for action

“It was all a bit chaotic on Christmas Day morning so I took her away and set it all up on the laptop. I got down on one knee and gave her a bit of spiel, and then popped the question”