Easiest Methods To Remove Private Hair At Home

Lot of people are ashamed seeking the advice of how to remove hair in your private part. It is embarrassing, right? Yes, I understand it is a sensitive topic, and we need to have awareness about it. Women struggle with their hair most of the time, and they spend a lot of money at parlour and spa to get rid of that unwanted hair.

Getting rid of unwanted hair from our private parts isn’t similar to shaving legs or underarms. The genital area is a lot softer and is prone to quick damage. The hair that grows in these parts is usually thicker and coarser. Thus you need to be very careful.

There are several methods to trim and remove your private hair at home, but for us, your safety is important, so ladies check out some easiest, fastest and most importantly safest methods to remove your private hair.

PS- Opt for the one which suits your comfort level and sensitivity of the skin.

Girls, relax!

I understand it’s too much of a headache if you have to go somewhere but don’t worry, you will get to know all the easiest ways to remove your private hair. So keep calm and scroll down…

A cool shaver

This cool shaver is a battery operator tweezer machine that comes with lots of little tweezers inside. It helps to remove your private hair without giving you pain.

Bestie razor

Razors are easily available. Razors not only save your time but also will save the money. This is the best pain-free method, you can shave your private part during shower without getting troubled.

Another way is cream.

Creams are another way to clean up hair along your bikini line. If you specifically need it to clean your private area, you need to choose a good quality product for safety. There are numerous products in the market. Thus you are sure to get a variety of choices.


Tweeze away all your unwanted hair. Oh yes! these tweezers are not only effective on face, but are pretty well effective even for private hair. All you need is a tweezer and lot of patience and more care.

Waxing Strips

Those who don’t like hot wax on their skin can use this. Waxing strips are pre-packed sticking strips it works same as hot wax but are more convenient version.

An alternate to the above!

Well If you do not want to use any cream or razor then you can always try homemade waxes which are safest to use with no side effects.

Honey and Oatmeal Wax!

This is also one good option to remove unwanted hair. Make a mix of honey and oatmeal and then warm it. Use it as a homemade wax and clean your zone.

Post these natural remedies

Always make sure you give your zone a massage with ice or anything cold like rose water. This will help to close the pores and reduce any skin infection.

Now show your beautiful skin, Bae!

Now you flaunt your sexy skin or wear a bikini and have an amazing time.