6 Things Our Exes Teach Us – Without Us Realizing

2. They make us better in the bedroom, too.

We may be experienced, or passionate, or in love but sex being a skill can’t be denied. And like every skill, practice makes perfect. The younger you will definitely be terrible in bed compared to the older, more experienced you.

Every skill and all the practice you had, were with your ex. So along with becoming a better person, you become better in bad as well. A definite point to be thankful about. Your ex did make you a rockstar.

3. They help us learn what we want in a relationship

Our exes teach us what exactly we require from a relationship. The heartbreaks that come with a breakup remind us of all the good times you’ve had, which teach you what you really prize in a relationship.

Those sad memories are hints at what you really enjoyed in the relationship and can be guiding stars for you to figure out what you really need from a relationship.