12 big mistakes couples make in bed which can totally ruin their sex life!

Physical intimacy is not a one-way street. Remember, both sides want to be happy and satisfied

Sex and couples can get complicated. It is an intimate bond that two people share and it is very easy to go wrong. Hopefully these 12 dos and don’ts will clarify just what is okay and what is not.

#12 Expecting your lover to perform anytime, anywhere

Contrary to what most people would like, it is pretty unreasonable to expect your partner to perform anytime and anywhere. Respect the days when your partner is not up for sex and does not want to engage. Knowing when to back off and let things play out as they will, builds up tension and chemistry between two people.

#11 Cuddles cannot always lead to sex

Every time you and your partner are cuddling doesn’t mean that sex has to be the next step. True that cuddling with your partner builds intimacy amongst both parties but if every time a couple cuddled and then had sex, they would not know how to be intimate without having sex. Distinguishing between sweet, romantic cuddles and passionate heated sex is extremely important.

#10 Lack of hygiene

Lack of hygiene on either side is a huge turn off and in extreme cases can even become a deal breaker. A clean body is a beautiful one. When you are with your partner make sure that you have showered and are clean. Bad hygiene is not just disgusting but can also lead to infection.

#9 Talking too much

One of the biggest spoilers is when your partner wants to talk way too much especially during the act. Sex is an intimate bond shared by two people and not a therapy session for one to spill out their heart’s contents. Communication is great but don’t get too carried away.