10 Signs She’s Totally in the Mood

Women aren’t the easiest to read at times. Pay attention to the signs, those can take you a long way, especially if you already have a horny girlfriend.
You may think, oh trust me, I know when I have a horny girlfriend. Sure you do… but do you really? When your football game is on, do you really notice she’s looking for some loving? Of course not.

There were times I was so horny, but my boyfriend was watching sports or thinking about going to the beach, and where did that leave me? Dry as a bone. It happens to the best of us. However, if you’re in a relationship, you are partially responsible in knowing when your partner is aroused. You may be completely missing the signs that she’s in the mood.

The signs of a horny girlfriend

So, pay attention, boys, take some notes, and keep your eyes open to the signs. Here are 10 signs that show she’s in the mood.

#1 It’s all in the breath.

Breathe in, breathe out. Remember those times when you’re angry or excited? What do you notice happens to your breathing? It changes. You start breathing faster. Okay, so, now think about the time when you were horny and staring at your girlfriend. You probably looked at her like you wanted to eat her. Meaning, your breathing started to increase.

She’s no different. In fact, if she’s breathing heavily, and if you didn’t piss her off nor is she crying, then it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s horny. If you’re new to sex, then this will be something you’ll just have to pay attention to, you’ll notice it more over time.

#2 Moaning.

Ah yes, the classic moan. It’s usually paired with heavy breathing, and if she’s not moaning, this means she’s holding it in which isn’t that good because she’s restricting herself and most likely tensed. So, if she’s naturally moaning while making out with you or while you’re touching her, she’s aroused.

If she’s trying not to moan, as some girls are slightly shy about that, help her relax. Meaning—tell her to moan. You can say it encouragingly and in a sexy way like, “Scream for me, baby!”, “I love it when you moan!”, “Moan louder!”. These phrases help her relax mentally and enjoy the sexual moment with you.

#3 Hips don’t lie.

Listen, the hips never lie. If you pay attention to her body language, when she’s aroused, you’ll see her move her hips in a faster motion. Think about when you see two people dancing. Usually, she’s grinding her hips against the guy’s leg, and it can be either in a fast or slow and sensual motion.

Okay, wait, I have a better example. You’re on the couch watching a movie with your girlfriend. She’s cuddling up next to you, and you feel her hips slowly grinding against your leg. Well, if you don’t get that hint then I’m sorry. Sure, she’s not vigorously humping your leg, but if she’s slowly grinding against you, she’s testing your reaction and hoping you’ll get the hint.

#4 Impatience.

If you’re not getting the clues, you should be able to see her arousal level by how impatient she is. If she’s really horny, she’ll eventually just take business into her own hands and work on getting you aroused. She doesn’t want to waste the time, and I don’t blame her.

She may end up climbing on top of you while you’re watching TV or walk into the bathroom naked while you’re showering. Basically, what I’m trying to get at is, impatience is a very clear sign that she’s horny

#5 Arching of the back and neck.

You probably didn’t think of this, but usually, when women are aroused, they tend to arch their backs and throw their heads back. You’ve probably noticed this if you’ve done doggy style or if you’ve fingered her. This is a sign she’s highly aroused and whatever you’re doing right now, keep at it.

#6 Wetness.

When you think of the word ‘horny,’ the second thing to come to your mind is ‘wet.’ It’s like two peas in a pod. This is a hard one to figure out if she’s dressed. If she’s basically naked in front of you by this point, she’s most likely wet.

When a woman is wet, she’s highly aroused, and it’s an indication that her vagina is preparing for penetration. Now, don’t think she has to have a floodgate going on down there. Remember, every woman is different so some may have a lot of discharge while others may have less.

#7 She looks at your lips.

When a girl wants to taste your lips, she’ll stare at them. That’s a strong indication she’s interested in you and is sexually aroused. Now, this could mean she either has low or high arousal levels going on, you’ll just have to continue and see how it goes. What a hard thing to do. So, if she’s staring at your lips like they’re candy, kiss her.

#8 She dresses up.

If you’re used to seeing your girlfriend in sweatpants and all of a sudden she’s wearing tight jeans and a cleavage revealing shirt, well, she’s flaunting her goodies out. Of course, it makes her feel good when she feels sexy, but she also wants you to notice how hot she’s looking. So, don’t just keep your eyes glued to the TV. This is a clear sign she’s feeling sexy and most likely aroused.

#9 Eyes roll back.

If you’re kissing her, and you see her head tilt to the side with her eyes rolling back, she’s completely in the moment. This is also a common sign when the girl is about to orgasm, so it can be seen in both low and high levels of arousal.

This one is a harder sign to notice because usually, you’re busy kissing her and having sex. But if you notice this, you’ll see how much she’s enjoying it.

#10 Sensitivity.

When women are aroused, everything heightens in sensitivity. The clitoris swells, the breasts and general skin on her body become highly sensitive. If you’re kissing her neck and she’s moaning, well, you know why. Many men during sex suck the woman’s nipples due to their sensitivity. It feels great.

If you remember these horny girlfriend signs, you’ll be able to notice right away when your girlfriend’s turned on. Don’t waste any more time, go and give her what she wants—you!