1. Rocky, separated lumps.
If your poop looks like a handful of acorns, you should probably eat more fiber. You may also be dehydrated; drink lots of water and have a carrot.

2. The weird lumpy log.
The shape is right, but what’s with rocky texture? It usually means that you’re short on fluids and fiber. You should drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. Long and sausage-like, but shot through with cracks.
We’re approaching perfection, here, but we’re not quite there. The shape indicates a pretty healthy bowel, but the cracks suggest that you’re not getting enough fluids.

4. The smooth, soft log.
This is the ideal poop. Congratulations! Don’t go bragging on Instagram, though, people just don’t understand.

5. Soft chunks that hold their shape.
If you’re a person who just goes a lot, this may be a healthy look for your poop. By the way, most people go once or twice a day, but there’s no standard, so as long as you’re regular, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

6. Soft blobs with feathery edges that fall apart easily.
Watch out for this one; it’s halfway to diarrhea-town, which is not a good vacation spot.

7. The classic: Diarrhea.
If it sounds like you’re dumping a gallon of water in the toilet when you go #2, something is wrong. Liquid stool, or “diarrhea” as we all know it, can indicated infection or other health imbalances. Be sure to drink lots and lots of fluids to replace all the water you’re losing.

Yellow stool.
In general, this isn’t a great sign. If your poop is greasy and yellow, that might mean it’s full of excess fat, which could be a sign of a digestive malfunction like celiac disease.

Pale white poop.
Lots of medications lighten your stools, but if you’re not sure what’s causing this ghostly look, get in touch with your doctor.

Red poop.
Ok, this is the nightmare scenario. If you find blood in your stool, you should go see your doctor. Obviously.