Over 90% Of The Guys Confess To This Shocking Preference

Shaved pubic hair has become a default and society has been having women believe that it is essential if they want to appear as civilized and attractive. This trend started around early 1990, and during it the six packs craze emerged as well, resulting in the bald human body we know and cherish today. It turns out now though, that the tides are shifting towards a more natural look on women when it comes to shaving their private parts and men around the world have given their verdict on what they prefer now. Here is a compilation of some opinions that show that the world is slowly shifting away from the shaved bald eagle look to a more natural and easy look on women.

Men’s Health Polls:

While talking to a female friend in the much-acclaimed men’s health magazine, a writer argued that the 21st-century men still expect women to be cleanly shaved down where the sun doesn’t shine and she didn’t agree with him. So in order to prove or disprove his theory, he conducted a survey bringing in 3000 men, and the results were astonishing, most men, more than 90% of them preferred women with a more natural look. Deterred, but determined not to give up on his original idea, he decided to ask a younger group of men, only to land on similar results like he’d gotten before.

It turns out there are several reasons for why the polling done by men’s health and several other renowned magazines came out the way, some of which we’ve listed out for you;

It Appears Prepubescent:

Several men have agreed that a cleanly shaved woman without a single hair on her pubic area seems oddly prepubescent and it is difficult and disturbing for several men to be intimate with them, which is why they prefer women who appear as they are, grown and mature. Which is why some of the polls have shifted towards a more natural look that may be well-manicured or cleaned but not completely devoid of hair.

It Prickles:

Men everywhere commented that a stubble after shaving was probably the worst look there was, and it didn’t just look painful but was odd and tended to turn them off, most of them simply preferred a more manicured and clean look that wasn’t too sculptured and wasn’t too hairy but was natural and maintained.

It Takes Away The Innocence Of A Women:

Most men have agreed that shaving so completely usually ends up leaving women look like a porn star and not in a good way.

The Perils Of Shaving Are Understood:

Shaving can lead to totally unhealthy skin, with red dots appearing and ingrown hair and the stubble and odd marks that follow it, it only manages to look awful and men agreed that a natural trimmed woman was definitely more attractive in a way that can’t really be explained but was felt.

It’s Unnatural:

Most men agreed that shaving is unnatural and honestly unnatural is wearing out, men now prefer more natural look son their women and want them to be as natural as they are, bringing out their femininity in a way that a sculptured look can not.

A Sculptured Look Is Disliked In Asia:

Most Asian men agree that according to culture it is disliked if a woman doesn’t have enough hair on her pubic areas, it takes away the innocence of a woman and it doesn’t even look natural.

The Preference Is Changing With Tides:

Most men’s opinions are simply changing with tides, several men reported that in their advancing years they’ve started preferring the more natural look than a sculptured one.

It Has Several Downsides:

One of the many include the microabrasions that appear on the skin and become a portal for dangerous and antibiotic-resistant microbes to enter the genital area and then become directed into the body to cause autoimmune disorders. Microbes like these may include, staph aureus and several sexually transmitted microbes as well that would naturally have not been able to cross the barrier.

It Causes Ingrown Acne:

Ingrown acne is horrible and takes away the sexiness of the area it appears like bulges on the skin and is hard to touch causing odd white heads that most of us have experienced whether on our own bodies after shaving or on the women we’ve seen shave their pubic hair off, while light pubic hair would do no such thing and can honestly help heal the skin that’s been wounded.


Shaved pubic hair has several downsides and while it is unhealthy, it doesn’t even look good enough and is unnatural and as men have explained is difficult to come to terms with. And while men have always preferred a more natural look, the tides are totally changing in favor of the more un-shaved easier style.

Men were even reported saying that they knew why women started shaving in the first place but they have no idea who told them they liked it. Let us know what you think in the comments as well, are you with or against shaved pubic hair?