Here Are 21 Signs Your Partner Is Only Physically Attracted To You

You’ve been dating this guy for a while now, it seems like everything is perfect. But the reality is nothing is perfect. This guy slowly manipulates you, drives you crazy not just in life but also in bed. All he ever thinks about is sex. He doesn’t care if you’re tired, on your period or not in the mood. This guy will have sex with you every day and chances are he is a sex addict. Even if you say no to him, this guy will always have other options besides you.

Here are 20 signs that you’re secretly dating a sex addict. Let us know in the comments if you have any experience in dating a sex addict.

1. He Lies All The Time

2. He Cheats On You

3. He Does Not Believe In Long-Term Relationships

4. He Masturbates All The Time, Even After Sex

5. He’s Into Kinky Things

6. He Keeps His Phone And Computer Password Protected

7. He Is Extremely Boastful And Confident About His Sex Moves In Bed

8. He Flirts With Other Girls All The Time

9. When You Call Him Out For His Mistakes, He Manipulates You And Turn Things Around On You

10. You Think He’s A Sex Addict

11. He Lives A Double life

12. He Exploits You For Sex

13. He Lives In Constant Crisis

14. He’s Always Preoccupied With Sex

15. He Wants Sex Irrespective Of The Later Consequences

16. His Kink Needs To Be Fed Daily

17. He’s Addicted To Porn

18. He’s Not Happy With The Relationship

19. He Feels Powerless

20. He Hates Being Bossed During Sex

21. He Loves To Control You

Remember you are not chained in the relationship, if you ever feel threatened by your partner who only asks sex from you and won’t be nice or tends to your needs, you can always quit from the relationship and look for someone better. Don’t hurt yourself while satisfying someone else needs. Also, if you’ve ever come across a threatening relationship or a sex addict partner do let us know in the comments about your experiences and how you dealt with it.