15 Signs You’re in a Relationship With A Man Who Knows How To Respect You

Respect is important in all kinds of relationships, but in an intimate one, its importance is paramount. Finding a partner who will crave you because of the respect he has for you instead of simply your physical appearance is a difficult feat to accomplish and so many great women are left without intimate partners. But then again, there are those who find them, and maybe the reason you’re reading this article is because you want to be sure that the man your with is the really the one, and if the attention your getting from him is for your intelligence and integrity or for the physical aspects that come with you. Either way, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled a list of 15 signs that’ll help you decide if you’ve found a man who respects you and loves you for you, let us know what you think in the comments!

15. He makes you blush when he introduces you:

A man who is truly impressed by your talents and your intelligence is going to want to let people know about it and you’ll see it when he brings you up to meet people around him or in his inner circle, you’ll be able to see the shine in his eyes as he steps up in front of a group of people and talks about you and by the time he’s done you’ll be red from blushing too much.

14. His support is unwavering:

He respects your opinions and stands by your decisions even when no one else can understand why and even when he can’t either, he’s always ready to support you through whatever you decide and down any path you lead the both of them, he’s more than willing to help you and stand by you, he doesn’t mind watching to take control and gives you the freedom too as well.

13. He enjoys your company:

He isn’t in it for the physical pleasure and you can see that by observing the time he wants to spend with you, a respectful man always values your personality and you’ll find him craving your presence where ever he goes and wanting you around to be around him so he can share as much as he can with you.

12. When he apologizes, he means it and you can see it:

Being human means that your partner will make mistakes, and will hurt you even if he doesn’t want to, but the difference between a man who respects you and who doesn’t can be seen in the sincerity of his apology ad the behavior that comes after. A respectful man will try to amend his mistake in any way possible and will try his best never to repeat it again.

11. He respects you enough to try to change for the better:

As mentioned above, no one is born perfect and we each have our own faults, and while most of habits define us and make us who we are, it is always essential to improve ourselves to better accommodate our partners and loved ones, a respectful man understand this and tries to let go of his bad habits to make sure your comfortable and happy.

10. Your opinions are important to him:

Before making any important decision he talks about it with you and make sure he has your opinion when he makes a big decision, valuing your advice before anything else.

9. He takes your advice seriously as well:

A respectful man will always listen to your advice and will take it seriously even if he isn’t used to listening to anyone else’s, and will change and reflect on his behavior if you say that something he’s been doing is wrong.

8. He uses superlatives for you:

he’ll tell you your the most beautiful, the most intelligent women in the world because he believes it and to him you are everything he says you are, because he’s seen you be all of those things.

7. He pushes you so you can improve:

He sometimes pushes you because he senses that your holding back on your talents and wants nothing more than for you to become the person he sees inside of you and for the world to see it as well. He believes in you and wants to see you shine.