12 Tips For Guys To Get It Right

1. Eat well

The key to a healthy erection is a healthy diet. If you plan on getting intimate with someone in the near future you might want to steer clear of heavy foods and difficult to digest meals. The same foods that are good for your coronary health are good for your erectile health. Your diet should consist of plenty of healthy, unsaturated fats and foods that lower bad cholesterol.

2. Avoid penis shrinkers

Smoking other than being known to reduce stamina has also been linked to impotence. In a study conducted at the University of Kentucky subjected to smokers and non-smokers. Researchers discovered that men who did not smoke rated their sex life far better than those who smoked. Smoking has also been linked to a reduced erection size, so if you wish to be the ones who rate their sex lives quit smoking and if you do not smoke, don’t start.

3. Get a vasectomy

If you have had your desired number of kids or you are absolutely sure about not wanting to have kids in the future, you can consider a permanent binding of the sperm ducts. The chances of a vasectomy done right being successful are 99.9% and the procedure is not very expensive as well.

4. Get positioned properly

Position yourself correctly during intercourse can make your erection more powerful. Look for positions in which the gravity benefits you, like being on the top can give you an increased blood flow and hence a better erection.

5. Fire your mistress

The inability to obtain an erection is common between men who have extramarital affairs. unless In the rare off chance that your wife knows about your rendezvous with another woman or women, you feel guilty about it when you are getting intimate with her and that guilt quickly converts into anxiety and can stop you from getting a powerful erection.

6. Calm your nerves